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  • Dry Ski Slope Product Features

    01 Simple design,easy construction.
    02 Professional manufacturer,Independent new materials.
    03 Very good sliding capacities, without the need for water.
    04 Predictable in all climates and does not harm the ski or sliding surface.
    05 Own patent,provide a ride that is closer to the feel of real snow.
    06 Low noise design, enjoy comfortable sliding.

  • Research

    SNOW MONKEY Material Research and Development Center is located in SNOW MONKEY Material Research and Development Center of Luoyang. The experimental equipment includes tensile testing machine, thermoplastic curve testing machine, aging testing box, Din Akron abrasive machine, vacuum testing box, low temperature testing box, etc.

  • Service

    Expense 8 million Experimental Center
    It takes 200 days to develop materials
    Focus on the efforts of 12 team members
    After 1000 repeated attempts

  • After sale

    Our company is aware of the importance of after-sales service to the company's business development and the establishment of the company's reputation. According to the different needs and personality requirements of customers, we bring different services to customers. At the same time, we believe that after-sales service should not only solve customer's problems, but also help customers to provide installation guidance. Through after-sales service to solve the problems, the customer's maintenance personnel can learn valuable experience, so as to achieve our win-win goal.



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  SNOW MONKEY is a manufacturer of snow sports products,and all of our design and products come from the spirit“Ride Till High”.   Getting the excellent sports experiences by the optimal e…

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